Niloufar (Mobina Aynehdar) is a 13-year-old girl who grows up with her midwife mother, Selma (Roya Nonhali), and is most familiar with her dear uncle, the shepherd (Shahab Hosseini). She studies with her friend Zainab in the house of a teacher named Banu (Fatemeh Motamedaria). Sheikh Abbas, the chief of the tribe (Amir Aghaei), proposes to Niloufar from his father Abdullah (Sadegh Safaei) somewhere and gives him land, but he is not interested in marriage and wants to become a doctor… Fereshteh Tayerpour wrote in a short text: “Finally, after 5 years The ban on Niloofar, which had both a production license and a screening license but never had the opportunity to be shown in cinemas or festivals, entered the home theater network by removing a few more scenes. Less than a week after its distribution, Persian-language satellite channels – the ones in which we do not have the right to broadcast commercials of our films for a few seconds – broadcast “Niloofar” in full. Officials in the judiciary who immediately prosecute and reprimand movie commercials usually do not inquire about the rights and duties of producers in return for the full distribution of movies. “I hope that watching this film, whether on satellite or in the home version, will at least make public opinion, like us, surprised by the three-year ban on this film.” The movie “Niloufar” is a joint production of Iran, France and Lebanon. The screenplay was written by its director “Sabine Jamail” and produced by Fereshteh Tayerpour.

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