Closer movie: Ali (Saber Abr) lied to his fiancé, Mahtab (Pegah Ahangrani) that he lost all his family members in a car accident. But one night he decides to tell the moon the facts of his life. Ali takes Mahtab to their family home outside Tehran; The house where his mother lives and on the night of their arrival all the family members are present for the farewell party of Ali’s nephew. Ali’s sudden return home leads to intense verbal conflicts between him and his brother and sister. Mahtab finds out among the aggressors that Ali has been missing for three years due to addiction and the family’s search for him has been fruitless. Mother, however, is happy with Ali’s return. Family members’ grievances cause Ali to seek to leave the house, but Mahtab wants to stay and find out why his brother and sister are so upset about Ali’s return.

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