Bread and Poetry: Majid, who works in a bakery, composes poetry and sends his poems to magazines for publication. He accidentally takes a few pages from Hugo’s novel The Poor and goes to the library to get the book. But the library officials do not lend the book to Majid because he is not a member of the library. Majid takes one of the books of his sister’s husband Aghakmal to the library and exchanges it with the book “The Poor”, unaware that there is a check of 635 thousand Tomans next to Aghakmal’s book. A TV director borrows the book, and Majid follows the director to the filming location and gets the book, but does not find the check. Fearing reprimand and punishment, Majid sleeps in the bakery for two nights and then goes to the director’s house with Bibi; But he still does not get the check.

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