Arjang and Roya are finally married after years and are driving to their wedding venue in the north. They review their past memories along the way, but following numerous audits by the Licensing Council on the film, Saman Moghadam, the film’s director, producer, and writer, reacted by saying, “What you see is “The carcass of the amber whale is 2.” However, Amber Whale 2 holds the record of opening sales in the history of Iranian cinema with sales of approximately 1 billion and 200 million Tomans, and attracting 112,000 viewers in just the first 3 days of release. The important question about the second part of the Amber Whale is: What stories are left in the past about the relationship between Arjang and Roya that have not been narrated? If we want to ask this question in a more precise way, we have to ask: What parts of the past are the relationship between Roya and Arjang that have the value of cinematic narrative? …

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