Saeed, a 44-year-old man who lost his wife in an accident years ago, lives a quiet and sweet life in Tehran with his 12-year-old daughter. With the sudden entry of a woman into the life of a plant, the fate of all of them changes… Other factors of the film include the director of photography: Ashkan Ashkani, music: Zande Yad Nasser Cheshmazar, editor: Bahram Dehghani, Mohammad Najarian, costume designer: Amir Hossein Haddad, Face Designer: Seyed Jalal Mousavi, Sound Recordist: Hossein Bashash, Voice Recorder: Arash Ghasemi, Color Correction: Nima Dabirzadeh, First Assistant Director and Planner: Iman Tavakoli, Media Consultant: Ali Moradkhani, Photographer: Navid Arzi, Production Manager: Ebrahim Zahedifar, Investor: Hassan Gholami.

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