Motarab is a film about a nightclub singer named Ebrahim Khosh-e-Tun (Khosh-e-Sineh) who leaves the stage before the climax of the 1979 revolution, but because he does not have enough fame and fortune, he cannot be a singer. Los Angeles and eventually becomes the singer of the ceremony and… This film is the best-selling film of 1398. The script of this film is about an Iranian family who somehow enters the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The script was written before the Istanbul crossroads and was supposed to take place in London, but after completing the text, it was decided that the story would continue in a country that is culturally close to Iran. About 5.5 billion Tomans were spent for this film and with the sale of 36,251,298,000 Tomans at the box office, it became the best-selling film in 1398. Actors:

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