Synopsis (Spoiler): The traveler Ray, the narrator of the third century AH, is contemporary with the Abbasid caliphate and the Imamate of Imam Hadi (AS). Abdul Azim Hassani is one of the disciples and followers of Imam Hadi (AS) and is angry with the Caliph. After the destruction of Imam Hussein’s (AS) court in Karbala by the order of the Caliph’s agents, Abdul Azim, on the advice of Imam Hadi (AS), came to Iran and the city of Rey for a long migration. This emigration is very important from a political point of view and during this journey, Abdul Azim carries the message of Imam Hadi (AS) to the Iranian Alawites. During this long journey, he encounters various dangers and events, and in the face of different races and ethnicities living in Iran, he reveals manifestations of the original Shiite culture. Finally, after a serious journey full of bitter and sweet events, he reaches his destination.

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