A young man named Rasoul Ameri, who has just been released from prison, intends to stop stealing and work in the right way in order to take care of his life and family, especially the husband of his addicted sister, but accidentally meets a person named Kiani. … Mazdabadidar stated about this film that the film “Travelers of Paradise”, which has a social and fascinating story, is not seen at all in the first half of the story related to the holy defense, and then in the second half of the film, it gradually enters this field. Regarding a part of the story of his film, the director explained that the story of this film is about a young man named Rasoul, played by Kamran Tafti. The young man is released from prison and is greeted by his sister, played by Sahar Qureshi, and on the way home, they encounter an old man who has apparently been attacked by a group of strangers and injured on the side of the road. Fallen and its role is played by Behzad Rahimkhani. With the entry of this character into the life of this brother and sister, many mysterious events occur. Kamran Tafti, Sahar Qureshi, Ramin Rastad, Behzad Rahimkhani, Sougal Tahmasebi, Sedigheh Kianfar, Shahram Ebrahimi are the actors of this video.

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