Five young people have to live in a single house. One of them is addicted and quitting. One is dumb. One has to study for university exams so as not to be conditioned again. One lost his father’s house in a quarrel with a contractor and now lives at home with a broken leg, and the other, Rasoul, who is in fact the main owner of the house, is a complete carefree who immigrated to Tehran to work. The sudden arrival of Rasoul’s wife to Tehran but the situation of the house is out of the ordinary… The selection of Borzoo Arjmand for the role of Iraj, Sajjad Afsharian for the role of Rasoul, Faezeh Alavi for the role of addict and Amin Esfandiar as Iraj’s brother The actors have also complemented these right choices to witness the performance of a well-proportioned and powerful acting group, which is one of the film’s strengths and has been able to be one of the winners of Muftabad alongside the strong text.

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