Miami Millionaire Movie The story of “Miami Millionaire” is about 4 people who want to pocket a million dollars, but always one of them sabotages. This movie is one of the banned films of the Ministry of Guidance with the release of empty comedies like Wow. Injections and Red Tails and Tehran Los Angeles, you have the right to doubt whether to go to see the movie Miami Millionaire or not. I also struggled with myself for a long time and seeing the names of strong actors like Saber Abar and Tanaz Tabatabai or producers like Saeed Malekan (who had previously produced Forever and a Day) both encouraged me to watch the film and reminded me of the tragedy. Tehran Los Angeles Despite the powerful and familiar letters of cinema, I was afraid that I would lose my hand again and face a film full of weakness and flaws. To reach the answer to all these questions and clarify your task by seeing or not seeing the latest work of “Mustafa Ahmadi”, join Rosiato. The Miami Millionaire movie has posters and trailers and even a name that subconsciously draws the viewer to a ridiculous comedy. But as I said, seeing a series of familiar and strong names in the body of the country’s cinema, slightly destroys this feeling in the audience. The director had previously released a play called “Closer” in which he dealt with a social problem such as addiction and portrayed a not-so-strong social drama.

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