We have a guest movie: The movie starts quietly. We know Ibrahim (Parviz Parastavi) and his wife (Kahmand Ahoo). Both are old and lonely. The house is dark. it’s old . Like the main characters. The cause of darkness is lack of electricity, but when the electricity comes on, it does not turn on much. Darkness is from within! . They have a son (Behrouz Shoaib) who is a survivor of the front and the war. Not in good condition. Only one hand works. He is nervous. He wants to be, I think if he is not, the family situation is better, but Ibrahim and his wife also like to stay part-time. He is taken home from the hospital to be with them. Soon other children are coming. Two twin boys (Mohammad Sadeghi and Mehdi Sadeghi) and a daughter (Soheila Golestani) who are each working and living in a corner of the country! The family comes together. Everyone is satisfied and happy, sometimes they laugh and sometimes they hate remembering the old days and sometimes they cry. This process continues until the final defining plans are accompanied by a surprise and the main message of the filmmaker. (We have guests) is a good movie. The film is impressive….

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