The film Maslakh tells the story of a young couple named Ava and Arash who consider a condition for marriage as a girl before marriage, but according to Arash’s working conditions, it is not possible to adhere to this condition and a man’s foot opens to the young couple. The kind of confrontation between the characters, the violence, and even the emotional moments of the film is more of a comedy than an impact of its kind. The acting of the actors in the film is terrible, the actors who are of course much less seen in cinema and television now. It is interesting that there are some non-actors in this film. When the director cannot get a suitable acting from the veteran actors, what is expected from the actors? . Basically, the use of non-players has its own formula. The cinematographer of this film is Kourosh Morshed Selouki, one of the youth and artists of Araki; However, the use of inappropriate locations, improper lenses and not observing the exact distance between the subject and the camera, causes severe weakness in filming and the distortion of the camera in the place of the film, shows itself. It is interesting to know that a film of the same name was made in Iranian cinema more than forty years ago. The Slaughterhouse was a 1974 film directed by Hadi Saber and written by Parviz Sayad.

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