Lizard movie: Reza Mesghali, known as Reza Marmolak, is a long-time thief who has been arrested and imprisoned many times, but in his latest arrest, he was charged with armed robbery. Reza is handed over to a prisoner whose boss, Mr. Mojavar (probably derived from the name and character of Jawar in the story of the poor), is a very strict and inflexible man. His character can also be compared to “Mr. Norman” who was the head of the prison in the film Salvation in Shaushenk. He believes that he should be so strict with criminals – in certain ways – that even the thought of wrongdoing does not cross their minds; And he believes that prisoners should be forced to do righteousness in order to go to heaven. Reza was injured in an accident and taken to a hospital outside the prison. There he steals the clothes of a sick clergyman and manages to escape from the hospital in the clothes of a clergyman. With the immunity he has found in his new clothes, he goes to a border town to leave the country with a fake passport; But he is mistaken for a cleric who was supposed to be sent to that village as the imam of the congregation, and they leave the leadership of the congregation of the village mosque to him…

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