Man Diego Maradona Hastam

201590 min

The film tells the story of a family dispute between two sisters, one upstairs and the other downstairs. Mahshid, the daughter of a cousin from Bainshahr, proposes to Babak, his wealthy cousin who lives in Germany, and Babak accepts. Now that Babak has returned to Iran, a dispute over whether the two continue to marry will lead to an argument between the two sisters’ families, which will eventually lead to… I am Diego Maradona, a film directed and written by Bahram Tavakoli and produced by Javad Nowruzbeigi. It is 1393. In the spring of 2015, it was shown in cinemas and in the fall of 2015, it was distributed on the home theater network. I Am Diego Maradona was nominated for 11 awards at the Fajr Film Festival and won 2 Crystal Simorghs for Best Supporting Actor (Hooman Sidi) and Best Sound Recording (Mahmoud Samakbashi).

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