Melancholy Movie: Melancholy: The story of this movie is about people who have an identity duality. After a long time and many problems, Mina became pregnant and felt neglected by her husband Hesam. Hussam, who finds himself next to Mina, is involved in the sweet family issues of his colleague. Melancholia, the latest film by Morteza Atash Zamzam. He has an irrational narrative and in this way he wanted to portray the melancholy of people. People with dual personality. But this film has a rush in the narrative. Uncontrolled haste that breaks the heart of the audience. The film follows a vague narrative that does not fit the story. It cuts from one scene to another for no reason. The director has a specific purpose for this: to show the minds of people with the disease. But this process must be logical. But here we do not see any logical process. From the first twenty minutes, the narrative line is torn.

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