This film is the story of a girl and a boy who encounter a man who has a problem during their travels in Tehran, they try to find a solution to this problem. The script of “Malaria” is so crowded and unplanned that it even exhausts the viewer’s patience to watch the work. It is strange that in a film made by Parviz Shahbazi, we see really useless and exaggerated scenes such as the nuclear celebration in which a set of social clichés and slogans are presented without providing a suitable basis for such an approach. . In the continuation of the story, the film goes to the street concert and the screening of the film and almost everything that is punctuated in the filmmaker’s mind as the interest of the youth and portrays it. “Malaria” is not in a favorable position in characterization either. There are a number of actors in the film whose presence is meaningless and useless, such as Azadeh Namdari, whose removal does not cause the slightest disturbance in the narration of the film. The strange and often irrational behaviors of the characters in the story are another factor in the weakness of the work. It is not clear exactly what was the logic of Morteza and Hana to escape to Tehran!

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