A man named Aziz returns to the country to own and sell his paternal property. But he meets the future of a girl he loved before the trip. In the meantime, things happen that are unpredictable… The story of the film is a repetitive story. love story. The story of embarrassments and connections و But Rafiei does not confine himself to the story so much that if this were the case, many holes could be explored in the work, which, of course, are not to be overlooked even now. Color in the movie Fish fall in love becomes the main causes of atmosphere. The film has a poetic tone at first glance. The atmosphere and the overall rhythm of the film suggest this to the viewer. But little by little, after the arrival of Aziz and the viewer’s acquaintance with Atieh and the rest of the members of his restaurant, the blood of life flows in the film and the slow rhythm of poetry becomes impossible in the fast rhythm of life.

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