We are very cool movie: Two young people who dream of acting and singing come to Tehran from the city in the hope of achieving their dreams, and in the continuation of the story, they have very interesting adventures. The comedy movie “We are very cool” directed by Bahman Goodarzi and produced by Roya Sharif was released to the public while he was involved in the margins from the very beginning of the release. The story was that the actor of this film, Majid Salehi, expressed his regret by publishing a note about playing in this film and said, “I was wrong. You do not go. Do not waste your time! Following this news, Bahman Goodarzi, the director of films such as “Registration is equal to a document”, “Fireworks” and a series such as “The Sixth Person” did not consider Majid Salehi’s criticism in any way about himself and his film and stated in a clear response: “Majid “The boy is emotional and his annoyance with someone else who he thinks has not fulfilled his obligations to him has provoked this reaction.”

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