Los Angeles Tehran: Make a sentence with the following words: (two grades) French Moussawi, painting, stand-up comedy, Instagram, obscene swearing, hahaha, old woman on a single-wheeled motorcycle, duff patriot, foreign love, grandmother’s house, greetings to Arya! Zubin has to travel from Los Angeles to Tehran to see his grandmother. But he has never been to Iran. During the trip, he meets a person named Jean. Zubin and Jan go to Zubin’s grandmother’s house. Zhoubin will meet with Ida the next day. Jean says he is Jian’s son-in-law and is looking for a package from his father-in-law. Zhoubin, Aida and Jan look for it but find nothing. There were many paintings in that house. They decide to sell the paintings. Jean falls in love with Linda in the gallery. Linda chooses a painting to buy. But that painting is the legacy of life. Jean is forced to reveal his true identity. He says that I am Behrouz Jian, the son of Jian. Aida and Behrooz (Jan) decide to steal the painting. Why…

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