Lord movie: In the summary of the Lord story, Reza works away from the city and works on his farm. He lives a quiet life with his family in the lap of nature. The farm management is facing problems. Reza tries to overcome these problems by avoiding the chain of corrupt local relations. About the director: Mohammad Rasulov is a writer in Iranian cinema and television. One of the most important works of Mohammad Rasulov is his activity in the film Iron Island, the film Lord. Rasulov spent a period of hard work in the field of cinema and television in 2004 and has been involved in the production of important works. Mohammad Rasulov’s most important work this year is his role in the film Iron Island, directed by Mohammad Rasulov. Perhaps one of the most important parts of Mohammad Rasulov’s biography has been his work in the film Iron Island. Mohammad Rasulov was the author of the film Iron Island in 2004. He was able to establish his place among the people of cinema with his skill.

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