Red Lacquer is about a girl who, for the first time and with great enthusiasm, varnishes her fingers but paints her face روز! Akram lives with his father Arsalan, his mother Azam, his brother Ismail, and his younger sister Elham in an old house in a slum below the city. They do not have a good financial situation, because they get all their capital from the family father’s job, and he makes wooden dolls and does not even allow other members of the family to work. In any case, they live a quiet life until one day the father of the family, Arsalan, who was making a TV antenna, suddenly falls from the roof of the house and surrenders in front of all the members of the family. Shortly afterwards, while the family is in dire financial straits and do not even have the money to buy what they need, their landlord, who has not received rent from them for four months, comes to them.

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