The movie The King of Hearts: The King of Hearts: A young couple lives away from each other for years during an accident, each assuming that his wife has died. The man becomes a famous singer and the woman loses her sight in an accident. Years later, the man accidentally meets a girl and, without knowing what the girl has to do with him, treats the girl’s mother and his wife. The man intends to marry a wealthy woman, but on the wedding night, the wife and child come to thank him, and thus the old couple regains each other after a long time and begins a new life together. Fardin received the Thanksgiving Award for Best Actor for his role in the film. Fardin was nicknamed the King of Hearts by starring in this film. Actors: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Azar Shiva, Leila Forouhar, Mohammad Ali Tabrizian, Victoria, Habibaullah Blour, Jamshid Mehrdad, Niktaj Sabri, Gholam Hossein Bahmaniar, Mohammad Taghi Kahnamooi, Yasmin

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