His film is well stoned: His film is well stoned in relation to Bordo, an orphaned teenage boy who lives with his mother and younger brother in a remote village. He goes to Nasir to collect his request. But Nasir declares that he has no money unless Bordo takes a package to Sattar. Bordo takes the package to Sattar, but on the way he is arrested by the police, and you can download his film “Stones Well” with a direct link and for free from Iranians. Most roles are played by losers. Saed Soheili in the role of complement and Ghorban Najafi are the only professional actors in the film. The actor selected for the lead role has performed well in activities such as running, falling and ولی, but fails to convey the sense of the scene by the face. It is generally very uniform in close-ups. His fat face also lacks the past hardship and suffering of a deprived human being. Saed Soheili’s game is incompatible with other factors and is complete at first glance. Acting in other roles is also almost monotonous and unattractive.

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