The movie “Rabbit” by the father of “Arash” (Babak Hamidian) has to go abroad and Arash’s friends “Babak” (Siamak Ansari) and “Behnoud” (Javad Ezzati) are supposed to stay with him so that he is not alone. Meanwhile, Arash decides to change the interior decoration of the house. The designer woman opens the door to the room where “Gogo” (Arash’s rabbit) is inside and the rabbit escapes. Then the three of them waste a little of their day following Gogo. Arash realizes that today is the birthday of the designer lady’s daughter and none of her friends can come to her birthday party. That’s why these three people celebrate his birthday. Arash’s fiancé (Mina Sadati) comes to their house. Arash, Babak and the girl shave their heads and look for Behnoud to cut Behnoud’s roots, which seem like a stupid girl….

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