Where is the friend’s house? In the summary of the story Where is the friend’s house? A school child realizes that he has taken his friend’s office by mistake; So he goes out of the house to find him and return the office to him, but there is a long and difficult way ahead and little opportunity. Where is the movie House of a Friend? Maybe an adaptation of the short story Why did the teacher cry? According to its author, Behrouz Tajour, after disagreeing with the above-mentioned Mr. Kiarostami, he proceeded to produce the film without his permission. This claim was made by Abbas Kiarostami after the film was shown in some media. Where is the friend’s house in the list of 50 films that must be seen before the age of 14 according to the British Film Foundation. Where is your friend’s house? The bronze leopard won the Locarno Film Festival in 1989.

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