Engineer Rahman Tavana, a government employee, falls in love with a Christian girl on a mission abroad. Eventually, the Christian girl converted to Islam and came to Iran with Rahman. He, who has accepted the religion of Islam voluntarily and is aware of its rules, gets into trouble with Muslims who violate the rules in their behavior and speech, which leads to disputes between him, his wife and his wife’s family, and finally decides to separate from Rahman. To leave Iran. After a while, Rehman goes to Lebanon to find Amina and finds her, and they return to Iran together. Analysis: The subject of this film is social and religious in which a young Muslim woman witnesses the contradictory behavior of Iranian Muslims with the principles of Islam. Parviz Parastavi and Darin Hamzeh have played the main roles in this film. “The Book of the Law” is not a flawless or even flawless film, but its content may easily cover many of its shortcomings for many who have been tagged by themselves and others and their Muslims. This film was released in Iranian cinemas on December 16, 2015. …

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