Local businessmen: Businessmen live a quiet and happy life until the “carpenter” meets a girl. Following the carpenter, the shoemaker and the seller of the place also fall in love. The problem with businesses is that their favorite girls are from wealthy families and it is not possible for them to marry girls. Eventually, three businessmen solve this problem with the help of their friends. In this film, Iraj Rostami, Shahpar Ebrahimi, Mohammad Ali Tabrizian, Mansour Sepehrnia, Gholam Hossein, Bahmaniar, Abbas Mosadegh, Iran Ghaderi, Saber Atshin, Abbas Mehrdadian, Machinchian, Ahmad Qadakchian starred. The Businesses of the Place is a film directed and written by Abbas Dastmalchi, produced in 1969. Local businesses with three excellent and different qualities are placed on the site for your download. Director: Abbas Dastmalchi Producer: Nusratullah Selected Screenwriter: Abbas Dastmalchi Cinematographer: Abbas Tabrizi (Dastmalchi) Actors:

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