Kamal-ol-Molk movie: Mohammad Ghaffari is accepted as a painter in the court of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar and some time later he is called Kamal-ol-Molk. During an incident while drawing a painting in the Mirror Hall, one of the jewels of the Shah’s throne is lost and Kamal al-Molk is interrogated and insulted by Kamran Mirza for stealing the jewel. But they find the thieves and behead them in public; While you are a painter, he is upset by the insult that has been done to him. After the assassination of Nasser al-Din Shah and the coronation of Muzaffar al-Din Shah, he went to Europe to complete his art. He showed interest in returning to the constitutionalists and after signing the constitutional decree and the death of Muzaffar al-Din Shah, he distanced himself from the court. Years later, he did not accept Reza Shah’s offer to cooperate and was exiled to Iraq.

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