The story of an old factory owner named Habib (Reza Kianian) who recently contracted Alzheimer’s disease. This disease brings him a lot of pain and suffering, so that ……. Habib (Reza Kianian) is a rich man who is alone in life. He, who has Alzheimer’s disease, realizes that it is not possible for him to continue this life. In the meantime, his daughter Tina (Bahareh Kian Afshar) comes to him and takes care of his father. This is while Tina has a painful past. At the age of two, he was forced to go to the United States with his mother Perinaz (Roya Nonhali) and did not touch his fatherly love. Now he has come to help his father in any way he can. Meanwhile, Tina’s contacts with her mother cause her to return to Iran and stay with her husband. People’s problems in cinema stories are always closely related to social cinema standards. The issue of Alzheimer’s is a topic of discussion and it is a good idea to address it. In a rare separation from Simin, Asghar Farhadi narrated the nursing duty of an old Alzheimer’s man in the most standard way. Son and father in the form of a patient and a caregiver. Now in my shoes; Poorahmad has come and intends to tell us an enigmatic story in the most non-standard way. And Barqa’s hand first of all takes its own collar…

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