In the synopsis of the film, the immortality of all the events of this film takes place on a train on a rainy night and tells the story of the lives of 6 families in different wagons of the train, which is narrated by the passage of time. Mehdi Fardqaderi’s first film “Immortality” has been screened in the Art and Experience group since November 22nd. “Immortality” is produced in a 145-minute shot-sequence. All of the film takes place on a rainy night on the train, and is based on the evolution of the short films Sequence, “Inverted Circles,” and “The Story of a Rainy Night.” “Immortality” has been screened at the Rome Italian Film Festival, the Croatian Zagreb Film Festival and the Hanoi Vietnam Film Festival. The poster for this film also won the Gold Award of the American Graphic Institute. Immortality was released in Iranian cinemas on November 22, 2016.

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