At a wedding, children are not allowed to enter the venue and are exiled to a hut at the end of the garden. The children find out that the organizers of the ceremony are drug traffickers, so they decide to disrupt the celebration, and this is the beginning of the adventure. In the controversy at the wedding, actors such as Mirtaher Mazloumi, Naeema Nezamdoost, Alireza Khamseh, Mehdi Ghaneh, Morteza Zarabi and Mohammad Reza Bahri have played roles and acted. In the movie “Controversy at the Wedding”, about 6 actors are in front of the camera. In terms of the number of actors, “Controversy at the Wedding” can be described as a lesser-known work with a small number of fictional characters. In terms of the history of the activity of the director and the actors of the film “Controversy at the Wedding”, interesting statistics and points can also be expressed. According to statistics, the film “Controversy at a Wedding” is the average activity of the 34th actor of this work. According to the people, the film “Controversy at a Wedding” is one of the four outstanding works of Mehdi Ghaneh in the acting profession.

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