Jaae Baraye Fereshteha Nist

202082 min

It is about the efforts of the hockey team with the Iranian women’s national skating team, which is supposed to be sent to the Korean competitions without spirits and money, but the main concern of the documentary is to rebuild the spirits of these girls by hiring a psychologist and creating a sense of pride for victory. What the title of the documentary refers to exactly two things. One is a quote from the team manager who said that I do not need an angel in my team and I want a few tears, and the second is a metaphorical reference to women who are not paid attention to in Iran and who are pulling their kilims out of the water…. Other agents: Director of Photography: Reza Teymouri, Sound Recordist: Shahin Pourdadashi, Design and Composition Sound: Ensieh Maleki, Technical Director Post Production: Eugene Seyed Ashrafi, Production Manager: Mohsen Moradi, Photographer: Hassan Kamali, Poster Designer: Mehdi Agahmanesh

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