The verdict that was issued. Must be run. If you are afraid, delay, leave, your sentence will be issued! Reza Maroufi himself has the verdict, but he also executes it. He saves Sahand, brings him home and finds a way to catch him. Mohsen and Forouzandeh are both young and in love. Mohsen chooses blood, weapons and money, even in front of Forouzandeh… About the director: Masoud Kimiaei is a writer in Iranian cinema and television. He was born in 1320. Among the most important works of Masoud Kimiaei are his activities in the film “Kaiser”, the film “Domestic Killer” and the film “Deer”. Masoud Kimiaei started his career in cinema and in 1347, at the age of 27, he worked as a director in the film Alien Come. Although the success of this work was not greater than his next landmark works such as the film Qaysar, but it is a good experience for Masoud Kimiaei and he experienced collaboration with artists such as Behrouz Vosoughi, Farrokh Sajedi, Marina Meter and Faramarz Gharibian.

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