Hamechiz Baraye Forush

201290 min

Everything for Sale: Everything for Sale is the story of a soldier brother whose eye is damaged by a grenade thrown at a stadium, and whose brother buys some misplaced checks to pay for his operation and tries to cash the checks. During the story, the brother encounters more unfortunate people than himself and in a conflict with these people…. Saber Abar, who represents your presence. Along with her, Merila Zarei has a very short presence in the film and Saed Soheili, who became famous with “Guidance Patrol”, is another actress in the film. You can also find Javad Ezzati and Habib Rezaei in the movie. Amir Hossein Saghafi: “Everything for Sale” is the second work made by Amir Hossein Saghafi after “The Man Who Became a Horse”. Saghafi has previously appeared as an assistant director in “Footballers” Saber Abar: If I am offered this role a hundred more times, I will still play it wholeheartedly. People in foreign films do not have a normal world. Amir Hossein Saghafi about violence in the film: Violence is not only physical, lying, slandering, blocking a natural thing and…. It is also violence. In this film, I tried to go from physical violence to other violence. Cinema is a form for me. I owe it to Eastern European cinema, I have no academic education in cinema and I am a cinema tutor, I saw immortality in Russian and Eastern European cinema.

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