The film is all normal: This film tells the story of a young rural man who migrates to the capital in search of a loaf of bread due to water shortages and crisis. He is forced to work in jobs of which he has no knowledge or experience. The main storyline of “Everything is Normal” is similar to the second-hand version of “Mr. Halo”, except that it is by no means the same size and can only be a few copies. “Everything is Normal” is a mediocre film that does not offer remarkable audacity and creativity in the form and execution of techniques, nor the content. Mohsen Damadi’s latest film is a completely two-part film. In the first half of the film, Safa recounts the moment he arrives in Tehran and describes the memories that led him to work in a cinema office. Fortunately, the second half of the movie, or perhaps better said, the final 30 minutes of the movie, the rhythm gets a little better and comes alive. Safa’s narrative of confrontation with women that he can not reach and is repeated in his story, takes a different direction and attracts the viewer to some extent. ..

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