Haj Kazem: In the summary of Haj Kazem’s story, the movie “Glass Agency” is repeated after 15 years. This time, not on the silver screen, but in the real world, Hajj Kazem has found Abbas again… The most important and main criminal behavior that can be talked about throughout the film is Hajj Kazem’s behavior in taking hostages, or as he puts it He himself is a witness to watch the cases. In the first place, we must state that the behavior of Hajj Kazem is not subject to the criminal title of imprisonment or illegal detention under Article 583, so we go directly to the crime of hostage-taking in criminal law, in Iranian criminal law, a specific article specifically criminalizing hostage-taking. There is no extortion and we must process the material elements of the act committed based on Article 621 of the Penal Code (Article related to kidnapping).

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