The film tells the story of two old men on a dark night who make a fun decision and embark on a night trip through the heart of the city. The idea that two old men just hit their heads on the verge of death and decide to hit the heart of the city and its bizarre adventures seems like a bold idea, although it has received special attention in American cinema and in recent years and funny and remarkable products like “Stand Up Guy”. Has appeared, it seems in the new Iranian cinema. In fact, Hashemi has chosen an unexpected and not-so-popular subject and genre in Iranian cinema and has played with them so much with his story that he can create a funny and well-done work that has been successful in some cases but not in most moments of the film! The audacity of the director, Afshin Hashemi, to feed the viewer so much with his exaggerated fantasy and dream, to turn “Temporary Passage” into a musical similar to studio films instead of a normal film, is the most obvious feature of the film. Our cinema needs such different perspectives and courageous hearts to experiment and take risks.

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