Fairy tale: Hadith Masroor In the lab of his cousin Siavash Masroor, he encounters a young girl whose life changes. The fairy tale revolves around the love affair between a cousin and a cousin, which seems to be a one-way relationship. Cousins ​​who, according to their family beliefs, seem strictly religious and constrained and are not willing to act outside the framework of their religion. Of course, at the very beginning, it is quite obvious that this cousin, Siavash Masroor (Mostafa Zamani), despite the fact that his cousin is dressed and groomed, Hadr Masroor (Baran Kowsari) is important to him. However, he has an intellectual and deep look at his surroundings, and this is what the police force stands for. The fairy tale with the previous name of the puzzle is at an acceptable level in terms of form and content and is classified as a storyteller cinema that can both entertain the general audience and give them biting socio-family warnings and turn its head in front of a specific audience Get up.

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