Retribution movie: The friendship of “Muzaffar” and “Qasim” is broken because of the daughter of a Tarzan named “Toby”. Muzaffar, who had previously cheated on Qassem in a love affair because of Qassem’s wife “Leia”, decides to marry Toby. Qasim swears to pour his poison on him, and he does the same, and one night he rapes Toby drunk and Toby kills himself. When Muzaffar learns of the situation, he kidnaps Qasim’s son, who is very dear to his father, and then pretends that Leia must stay with him one night to free him. When Qasim hears this condition, although he apparently accepts it, but his work leads to a quarrel with Muzaffar, and finally he is severely beaten and dies in this conflict.

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