According to events, Farrokh (Amir Jadidi) is fired from the police department and has to deal with problems such as his sister’s dowry and his wife’s dowry. In the same life struggles of his friend Bahman (Amir Jafari), who was previously his colleague and a rich man, his daughter is kidnapped. The young Rambod first grabs his audience by combining sexual jokes, situational jokes, executive jokes and all kinds of comedy genres. You do not have to wait for the story to unfold and become a comedy. You are on the side of a fantasy comedy that is based on a Jeffing situation and the writers and directors of the film succeed in keeping the same rhythm in the performance and the story. A well-rhythmic opening with a very good performance. Two cops, one of whom is the protagonist of the movie and more than unlucky (as he likes to see himself unlucky according to Murphy’s Law), are looking for a car with a clown on board.

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