It is about an American woman named Julie who has served in the US Army and is trying to pass on the documents she obtained while on duty in this country to her journalist friend. During these events, one of the scenes of the scenario of the liberation of Iraq is portrayed. In the avalanche scene, which also had the devil’s throat in the festival two years ago, it showed that it can best show the regression in making the film, and although That film also had countless technical and structural flaws, but it was a far better experience. It may seem that Hamid Bahmani needs to choose his scripts more carefully. Javad Shamqadari said: “We are not in a position to strike, but I am heartbroken that a filmmaker like Mr. Bahmani was given a good budget, but the film we saw was not really worth a thousand tomans شدن Becoming a hero,” Mania Steps “is not a film at all…

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