In the synopsis of Khak’s son, Mina travels to Iraqi Kurdistan with Guna, an Iraqi Kurdish woman, to return the body of her husband, Mustafa, who was martyred sixteen years ago. Guna and other Kurdish women are paid for examining the bodies of Iranian martyrs. And now Guna knows about Mustafa’s burial place. Along the way, Mina realizes that her husband has a special sanctity among the Kurdish people in the area. Years ago, the Kurds found his body safe and now they do not allow his body to return. About the director: Mohammad Ali Ahangar is the director of Iranian cinema and television. Among the most important works of Mohammad Ali Ahangar are the directing of Underwater Cypress, The Queen and Awakening of Dreams. He started his professional career in cinema and in 1999 he worked as a director in the half-lost film.

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