Adventurous legacy movie: It is about the legacy story that Farrokh Khan, the father of the family (Atash Taghipour) considers for his grandchildren. In this regard, Soheil (Sam Derakhshani) and Kamran (Mehrdad Nazari), two Bajanaghs, are ahead of each other and take action to inherit Farrokh Khan’s request; But Soheil has a problem in doing this, and to solve it, he encounters unsolvable problems and creates interesting and humorous situations. . . The actors behind the project camera are: Project Manager and Consultant Director: Seyed Mohsen Aurang, Director of Photography: Babak Bazrafshan, Makeup Designer: Hadi Qalikhani, First Planner and Assistant Director: Amin Mahmoudi, Director of Photography: Jafar Alian, Costume Designer: Rostam Irannejad, Editing: Mahdieh Bahador and behind-the-scenes photographer: Mehrdad Yari and Mehrdad Mahmoudi. The filming stage of “Adventurous Legacy”, produced by Ali Bahador and directed by Rasoul Mohammadi, took place in Tehran and Lavasan. Sam Derakhshani, Sahar Qureshi, Narges Mohammadi, Atash Taghipour, Arjang Amirfazli, Mehrdad Nazari, Hayedeh Haeri and ند play roles in this comic project. The script of this film was written by Sina Saeed Vaziri and Asa Saliani.

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