Sweet Inheritance Movie: “Sweet Inheritance: Saifullah” Khan dies and deprives all his children of their inheritance in a strange will. But there is a bet to inherit, and that is the marriage of his two sons before his fortieth birthday. But the issue is not so simple and more strange events are ahead of them…. In terms of the history of the activity of the director and actors of the film Sweet Heritage, interesting statistics and points can also be expressed. According to statistics, Sweet Inheritance is the 31st activity of the actors in this work on average. Also, Shahab Abbasi, the director of Sweet Heritage, has experienced his first collaboration with actors such as Mohsen Ghazi Moradi, Rabia Oskooi, Flamek Junidi and Sirous Georgia in this work. Among the actors of Sweet Inheritance, the first 7 collaborations took place, in other words, in this film, a cooperative relationship has been formed between each of the 7 actors, and 7 collaborations have occurred for the first time in Sweet Inheritance. like the:

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