In the summary of this film, Zohreh feels that someone is following her on the way home. He escapes and this factor causes him to die in an accident. For the first time in six years, Zohreh’s wife, Parviz, is on a 72-hour leave with the guarantee of the head of the prison to bury Zohreh and attend her funeral. But his concern is something else. Isolation has a good subject. The story of a man who comes out of prison to bury his wife but, in contrast to the people in his life, obtains contradictory information about his wife’s morals while in prison, can have a potential appeal to the cinema audience and keep her going to the end. Keeps the story curious to find out if Venus really has moral problems or if these conversations have been made for different reasons. Isolation is also not possible in the script section, despite the rich content it provides in the opening minutes, and this objection is directly to the film’s characters and its initial unraveling.

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