Tenants Movie: An apartment building whose heir is unknown is managed under the supervision of the deceased owner of the house (who also lives in the building). The manager, in collaboration with a real estate broker, intends to take over and sell the house and refuses the overhaul that the house really needs. The tenants who find out about the incident call a rival firm in the same area to find out that the eviction order they received is invalid due to the unknown inheritance of the property. Tenants hire some construction workers to repair it. The manager protests against them and the repair work stops. At the end of the day, the workers are confronted with a head-to-toe answer and leave the place heartbroken to receive their wages. That night, all the residents, regretting what they had done, went after the workers and sent them home to appease them. The residents of the building, in cooperation, hold a detailed dinner at Abbas Agha’s house and decide to resume repairs tomorrow. The next night, Gholam (owner of the housing company and comrade Abbas Agha) once again dismantles the middleman and the tenants, and the reconstruction work is abandoned for the second time.

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