Pear Tree: The Pear Tree is Dariush Mehrjoui’s fourteenth feature film as a director and produced in 1997. Mahmoud is a writer who took refuge in his father’s garden in Damavand to write the rest of his new book after a long career. But in the garden of the old pear tree, which is full of memories for Mahmoud, it does not bear fruit, and the gardeners ask him to attend a ritual to scare the tree and bring it back to fruition, and Mahmoud accepts, and in the meantime, he recounts his childhood memories. When he is in love with his cousin and even though the girl is older than him, he expresses his love for her and recites love poems to her and plays various plays with her in the garden for hours, he does not respond to a picture from the movie Pear Tree and goes on a date. He then postpones it until he is imprisoned for his political activities, where he receives news of his death when he sees a relative of the girl.

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