During the reign of Ahmad Shah, a Western businessman, under the pretext of the prosperity of culture and art, intends to protect the original lines of Iran, which are being forgotten, from the passage of time by filling in a few pages of several Iranian musicians. For this purpose, Aqahsin Delnavaz is asked to choose a group of the best musicians. This plan and trip to Farang is facing problems. But his sweet master decides to implement this program. In Parang, the pleasant voice of the group’s singer Ahar Khan, while rehearsing, heals Leila, the nephew of the Ottoman ambassador, who lives near the group’s boarding house. The cold and insidious air causes pneumonia in Taher Khan, who is physically weak. Since the story of the film is about Iranian music, it is full of scenes that deal with the music and culture of the musicians during the Qajar period. These scenes are associated with Ali Hatami’s unique ability to create old spaces.

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