Dash Akel movie: The story of Dash Akel’s heroism, masculinity and honesty is known to all the people of Shiraz. Haji Shirazi, who once accompanied him and knew the virtues of Nick Dash Akel, bequeathed before his death that Dash Akel would take care of his life and property. In dealing with Haji’s family, Dash Akel sees his daughter and falls in love with her, while the girl is young. The girl’s love drives Dash Akel to drink wine. “Kakarstom”, who is Dash Akel’s enemy, despite being defeated many times in a hand-to-hand fight with him, still boasts everywhere in his absence. Dash Akel considers marriage with a girl to be far from masculine due to his advanced age and arranges his marriage with one of his suitors.

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