Closed film in the social genre directed by Ali Khameparast is a product of 1394. This film is the first experience of Ali Khameparast that was screened in the Art and Experience group. Ali Khamehparast says: “This film is the result of my observations in the subway and public buses and attention to the passengers who were drowning in dreams and staring at a point in silence along the way and our slang discussions between the taxi driver and the passengers about inflation and The problems of life and the stories of human beings are intertwined to find the missing pieces of the puzzle of your life. That there is a destination in this world and sometimes you have to “close” to the end of the road, I wish the end of this road is the beginning of a new story and not the end of all stories. Parsa, a 30-year-old man who, after the death of his father and unfavorable mental conditions, inadvertently becomes involved in passenger travel and gradually comes out of isolation in front of different people in the society and looks at a more hopeful life.

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